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Erik Ruby

Chef Erik Ruby specialized in frying The optimum temperature and time for frying all kinds of food. Whether it’s grilling meat, french fries, warming buns, burgers, he is ready to serve every menu with professionalism.


Martin Baker

Chef Martin Baker specializes in bread making including making soup Boil various foods using proper heat. cook food properly The uniqueness and flavor of the ingredients are preserved as well. This allows customers to experience the true taste of raw materials deeply.

two of a kind


Both chefs are like brothers , bringing together different dishes to create different menus for customers to enjoy. Of course, each menu is intended to be extremely delicious. And also the consistency of taste accuracy. including the selection of good raw materials Ensure the quality of the food you eat.

Double the Burger

For those who like something special We recommend the Double Burger menu. To bring the meat to be stacked in several layers to increase the volume and those who want juicy meat. We will arrange them together with side dishes, cheeses, vegetables, special sauces that will make you feel special. and get the challenge of eating

Passion for food

Our chefs are passionate about cooking. Make every food menu have inspiration to think. and presented in a unique way You can be confident that the ingredients used to cook have been selected from the best and cost-effective ingredients, and we have brought them to sell at reasonable prices.

Food truck with a happiness

Food trucks that bring mobile happiness to customers wherever you are. If there is a road that we can travel, we will be happy to cook for you. Entertaining and entertaining with a spirit full of goodwill.